Diabetes Reversal & Longevity Retreats

On an LHR Diabetes Reversal retreat, you will learn how to implement dietary changes and activity programs that can reverse or effectively control type II diabetes.   At LHR we won’t change or remove your medications, instead we help you get to the point where your own doctors should recommend that you reduce or discontinue them.  We’ll address issues related to stress, emotions, and inflammation, and show you how to manage your energy and sugar levels through exercise and activity.  The result is a lifestyle change that will put you completely in charge of how your body responds to carbohydrates.
LHR Diabetes Reversal retreats are developed by using the most current scientific and medical research available and we have a medical advisory board to support our clinical based retreats and our team of experts.  This is much more than learning to manage your HBA1C number, and our diabetes retreats include 3-4 hours of expert guided fitness and movement programs, healthy meals, and educational seminars. We teach you how to develop and implement your own daily meal plans, exercise routines, movement rituals and new habits to ensure physical activity becomes part of your daily life.  You will receive your own instructional manual and work book and will be engaged in planning your own strategies and action plan for after the retreat. Each retreat includes time to go over your lab results and fine tune your lifestyle transformation strategy in private. We go into detail with goal setting, barriers, success strategies and planning. Lectures and seminar topics covered during our Diabetes Retreats include:

  • Myths and misconceptions of the weight loss and health industries
  • Sugar and Glycemic responses
  • Inflammation
  • Essential dietary oils
  • Managing blood lipids through diet
  • Lean muscle mass, calculating BMR / calorie requirements including activity level.
  • Acid / alkaline, thermogenic, and other concepts of food and health
  • How to enhance digestion with metabolism boosting foods
  • Nutrition and diets – why they do / don’t work, and the downside of fad diets
  • Strategic nutrition planning
  • Strategic movement planning
  • Importance of recovery
  • General free Q & A session are held after every session


At LHR we believe lifestyle change doesn’t end when you leave the retreat; and you have the option to continue with online coaching with nutrition and workout programming for 12 months for an additional fee. All Medical & Diabetes retreat participants must have a complete full check up with a recognized hospital or medical clinic with doctor’s written clearance to engage in physical activity and that outlines any risk factors that we need to be aware of.  In addition you should bring with you, or send prior to the retreat your last blood test results that include a lipid profile and fasting sugar levels.   Due to the risk of health complications of poorly managed diabetes, this medical clearance is required before you can participate in physical activity during the retreat.  As we often hold retreats in remote locations, medical travel insurance is a must.